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Building Options



  • 29 gauge steel roof

  • 2" 14 gauge & 2" 12 gauge galvanized steel frame

  • Anchors for ground, concrete or asphalt installation

  • Trim for finished appearance

  • J-Trim available

  • 12 gauge workmanship

  • 14 gauge workmanship only

  • Standard Braces included AT NO EXTRA CHARGE on corner and center braces

  • 12 Different color options

  • Prices may vary from Province to Province/State to State

  • Prices are subject to change without notice

  • Buildings 22' or 24' wide, or 8' legs or taller, we recommend extra bracing

  • We recommend to add 2 extra feet in height for future garage

  • Vertical roof available only in A-FRAME Style

  • Frame is 1 Ft. shorter that roof length on A-FRAME horizontal metal

  • Certified carports available

  • Mobile home doors

  • Windows

  • Garage Doors (5 sizes)



Regular (Rolled Corner) Style Roof

The Regular or Standard Rolled Corner roof can be constructed in 14 and 12 gauge tubing and certified configurations. The Standard Rolled-Corner roof design includes horizontal roof panels and you have the option to add horizontal side panels, and vertical or horizontal panels on the front or rear.


A-Frame Style Roof

Our A-Frame Style carports (BOX-EVE CARPORT) are designed to match the architecture of the common A-Frame House and are considered an upgrade over the Regular Style roof. With overhanging eves on either side of the carport to help rain, snow, or debris fall away from whatever you store underneath your carport, to further protect your investments.





We offer 12 different color options for the panels covering your building, making it easier to match the surroundings. They are available in standard lengths of 21', 26' and 31' and in 12 different colors.


Red Barn


Slate Blue


Quaker Grey



Pewter Grey

Earth Brown


Pebble Beige



Our panels are 29-gauge steel and are all 36 inches wide, as the cross section below shows:




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Why Steel Carports

& Buildings?

Cost Effective & Affordable

Fast & Easy Installation

Withstand Heavy Winds and Excessive Snow Loads

Steel is termite proof

Steel is water-damage proof

Maintenance Free



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